May 11, 2012 News & Events

Digital Hollywood Conference Panel 2012


SocialFlow CEO, Frank Speiser, was pleased to join a panel of experts at the Digital Hollywood Spring Conference to discuss how social media is transforming marketing, the entertainment industry and the world.

Here are four key points that Frank made on last week’s panel

1. It’s all about timing. Timing is critically important in social. The key challenge becomes understanding timing and knowing how to break through all the noise.

2. Attention is a scarce resource. The flood of conversations on the social graph presents a huge challenge when you are struggling for attention. It’s difficult to predict what your audience will be interested in at any given time, and since there are so many conversations, you need to use technology to improve your chances of success.

3. Let people do what they’re best at. There is no question that humans are better at creating content and strategy than a computer. However, when it comes to analyzing large sets of data and identifying attention opportunities, algorithms can do a lot of heavy lifting –  giving people more time to do the things they do best.

4. Social media managers are underpaid.  Tasked with selecting content and publishing across multiple channels, social media managers have the same responsibilities as media planning professionals and executives in traditional advertising. However, while the challenges are the same, the salaries are not.

Further information on the panel:
Twitter, Facebook & Social Media – Transforming Marketing, Transforming the World
Dr. Natalie Petouhoff
Frank Speiser, CEO, SocialFlow
Matt Corey, CMO, Mass Relevance
Richard Maraschi, Global Lead Business Analytics, IBM Media & Entertainment Industry
Brian Dear, CEO & Co-founder, Nettle, Inc.
Holly Brown, Publisher and Video Blogger,
Lane Soelberg, CEO, Weplay
Ron Close, CMO, Nuage
Johnny Miller, Founder of Bamboo

Written by SocialFlow Marketing