July 23, 2013 Uncategorized

We’re excited to announce the launch of a much-requested feature: labeling.

Labels help you organize messages into categories. Think of labels as a way to attach additional information to messages so you can easily call them up later. You can use as many labels as you like on a message while you’re composing, while it’s in your queue, or even when it’s published.

Only you and other users on your SocialFlow client account can see your labels. This means that even if you use labels such as “sponsored” or “recycled” to help you keep track internally, no one outside of your organization will know.

Labels are also shared with everyone on your team. When someone on your team uses a label once, you’ll be prompted to reuse the exact spelling and wording when you begin to type. This keeps label names consistent so pulling up reports for your campaign will mean clicking on just one label, instead of hunting down every creative permutation of that name.

The real benefit to labels is using it alongside our Downloadable and Saved Reports. With the new Label Report, you can filter all of your published messages to just one label (see every message related to “Spring 2013 Campaign”). Also, we’ve added a new “labels” column in the Message Report to help add context to a report you’re familiar with already.

We hope you find this new feature useful. We’d love to hear how you’re using it within your organization, and if you have any feedback for us to make this feature more useful.

Here are some ideas to help get you started with using labels:

  • Easily distinguish and track each of your marketing campaigns.
  • Distinguish your regular tweets from messages sent while live-tweeting.
  • Add context and topics, such as “celebrity” “breaking news” “promotion”
  • Flagging special messages, such as using “outlier” to mark messages that have performed especially well or poorly, then running a report on this label to help observe trends
  • Marking promotional messages with the client name to easily generate reports on the performance of messages published for the campaign.
  • Label to-dos such as “recycle message” or “monitor performance” to help you remember and track important messages.
  • Label queued messages with staff names to help with workflow. For example, by creating and using the label “John Smith Review”, John Smith can filter the queue by typing in “label:John Smith Review” to help isolate all messages assigned to him to review.
Written by SocialFlow Marketing