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September 3, 2015 AttentionStream, Case Studies

Leading cable and internet provider was looking for a way to target their potential customers on social and mobile. This presented a challenge to our client and their agency partners to create compelling content that would appeal to their audience on these mediums.

The client was looking for a new and innovative way to get in front of their customers during the TV finale season. With all the content that is constantly being inserted into the feeds of the various social media outlets, it is a challenge to guarantee that you will get your content in front of the specific subset that you desire.

Rather than trying to compete with the clutter of brands fighting for attention on social, SocialFlow research found that publishers are, in fact, best placed to attract attention.

Through our new AttentionStream product, our client was able to sponsor content on Entertainment Weekly’s top performing TV-related Facebook posts during finale series season. AttentionStream’s attention scoring and content recommendation system gave our client the ability to reach the eyeballs of their desired audience – targeting by age range and interests within specified markets.

Through the combination of SocialFlow’s algorithms and skilled campaign management, the client and their agency could rest easy knowing that their content was being associated with high-performing and appropriate content in the category of their choice.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing