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SocialFlow’s platform increases the reach and engagement of the content you publish to social networks. We offer you dramatically better reach, click-through rates, and engagement – with less time, from you and your team.
Our technology runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, analyzing the topics that are trending on social networks. We optimize your organic and promoted posts based on that real-time data.

This data-driven approach can help you separate your social efforts from the pack. It is also fast becoming a necessity: the quantity of content published to social networks continues to increase, but the available time consumers have to read and interact with that content is remaining relatively flat.

A typical approach to social media concentrates significant time and effort on content development, but very little time and effort to distribution.  SocialFlow allows you to get your high-quality the attention and engagement it deserves, by delivering your messages to the right audience at the right time.

“SocialFlow does a job that no human could possibly do: It analyzes millions of data points to tell us the best moment to send a message for maximum engagement and click-throughs.” – Typical Customer Comment

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Steps to Success

1. Deliver the right message at the right time, while improving your publishing process

Pull content from multiple sources automatically into the SocialFlow platform where our algorithm determines how relevant your content is to the conversation and assigns an Attention Score(™) before ever publishing it to see what will resonate best with your audience.

Allow the platform to determine best time to publish your content based on data to increase the likelihood that your followers will comment on and share your messages, helping your owned content gain earned exposure.

Streamline your production process and save time by eliminating guesswork around scheduling posts and automating tracking tagging, and reporting.

Optimized:Regular Graphic

April 2014 comparison of global media property posts optimized via SocialFlow vs those that were scheduled/published manually

2. Support select messages with media spend

SocialFlow takes signals from your owned audience to alert your team when we identify posts/tweets that are getting better than normal engagement with your current followers and allow you to easily amplify those messages with media dollars. We partition your ads and break out the targeting in a few seconds, rather than hours, and unlike other SRP’s, SocialFlow does NOT take a percentage of spend

Content creators also use this functionality to understand what content their audiences want more of.

3. Build and manage ad campaigns

SocialFlow also offers a goal-based advertising purchasing platform. Our interest based targeting is highly refined and based on our real-time data, showing you the highest performing targeting and allowing you to target and convert different demographics and save settings for future campaigns.

Our platform allows for informed purchasing decisions, in contrast to an overwhelming menu of options. SocialFlow provides a fully featured and supported advertising platform for Twitter and Facebook with seamless integrations with your organic publishing.

4. Sponsor the best content from publishers

Develop a campaign in partnership with a publisher that allows you to wrap content that has broader appeal with a branded message that complements the topic. SocialFlow identifies the best messages and allows you to serve up your integrated ad campaigns.

The new workflow looks like this:


You need an enterprise social media marketing solution.

Our technology removes all guesswork and replaces it with data that empowers marketers to capitalize on the most effective messages in the moment.

The value of a data-driven approach is tangible—your reach and engagement are extended over a longer period of time:

Forbes Results Final Statistics-Graph 2

Advanced features:

  • Optimized publishing to reach receptive audiences
  • Enterprise level account support and permissions
  • Multiple link shortener management
  • Full featured organic targeting
  • Listening tool with custom searches
  • Conversion tracking pixel support
  • Full featured paid targeting
  • Multiple Users and Social Accounts
  • Full Developer API
  • Easy Facebook Post and Tweet promotion
  • Mobile Interface