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Last week SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson and McClatchy Senior Director of Engagement & Retention Phil Schroder presented a 30-minute webinar: Start With Retention: Using Social Media to Grow Subscriber Revenue. During this webinar, Jim and Phil discussed how and why it makes sense to invest in retention and looked at the impressive results that McClatchy …

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Protect Your Social Handles, from the Inside Out

You work hard to create engaging content, build trust, and cultivate a social following. But are you thinking enough about how you secure that trust? A Google search of “social media hack” will reveal a litany of stories that range from embarrassing to disastrous. “I’ve been hacked” is a club that nobody wants to join. …

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President Trump's Twitter Influence (Morning Joe)

The Power of President Trump’s Tweets

SocialFlow’s CEO Jim Anderson joined MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning to discuss the influence of President Trump’s social media activity and how his rhetoric molds mainstream media’s daily news.

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2018 social media predictions

2018 Social Media Predictions

With the new year upon us, that can only mean one thing: 2018 social media predictions! SocialFlow’s predictions include emerging trends and developments in social media strategy for the new year. Check it out and be ahead of the game in 2018. #1. Growth in Live Stream Live stream will be stronger than ever. Rob …

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socialflow ebrake

Mobile Pause Publishing

When you need to make sure news continuity is uninterrupted, whether you are live-tweeting or there’s a breaking news event, you now have mobile pause publishing – an easy way to pause any accounts you have access to directly from the SocialFlow mobile app! Introducing the Mobile Pause Publishing feature, the social media “e-brake” that …

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Facebook Domain Verification

3-Step Facebook Domain Verification

Due to Facebook policy changes, in order to be able to edit your link metadata moving forward, your publishing title needs to complete the domain verification on Facebook. By verifying the publishing domain and linking it to the publishing site, social media and community managers will be able to continue to edit the link’s metadata …

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Longer tweets metrics

The early verdict is in: Our latest data shows that people are retweeting and liking longer tweets (>140 characters) almost 2X more than shorter ones. Twitter rolled out their expansion to the general public in early November of this year. The company said that the decision for longer tweets came from the realization of the …

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SourceMedia Logo

Case Study: SourceMedia

PROBLEM: SourceMedia has 20 B2B titles across eight verticals. Each title is tasked with using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow their readership, SEO authority, and brand equity – to service their existing readers/subscribers and to surface their content to people in their purview but should be. With desperate editorial teams, each title was creating …

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For the past 8 years, content marketing has seen an average annual growth rate of 16%. According to The Drum, the content marketing industry is set to be valued at a staggering $413 billion by 2021, more than doubling its current value. Are you seeing a trend yet? With nearly a third of all marketing …

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refinery29 logo

Case Study: Refinery29

CHALLENGE: The social and innovation team at Refinery29 knew they needed a tool to keep them better organized and working more efficiently. With social stakeholders across the globe, contributing to 10+ Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages/accounts, they needed a solution to help them as they scaled. The social contributors, including editorial, social, branded experiences, syndication …

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