March 5, 2014 Uncategorized


A recognized digital agency working on behalf of a major consumer home furnishings company wanted to target a new product line towards men on Facebook. Traditionally their products were female oriented so this was a pretty big departure. How would they drive sales while avoiding wasted impressions on the wrong audience segments?


The challenge was to get new product messaging out in front of men in the best performing area of Facebook, the News Feed. We also wanted keep product messaging off the brand’s Facebook page while driving conversions and stellar engagement.


When our client came to us with their unique targeting challenge, we knew Unpublished Page Posts were the ideal solution. They are a great ad unit for converting attention as they reside in the News Feed, they only appear where targeted when promoted, and when partitioned correctly they perform extremely well.

We had recently implemented the ability to create Unpublished Page Posts. Once created, we used our Facebook ad builder to specifically target men in the United States. As an extra bonus, our tool is capable of partitioning ads into multiple units based on age, gender, interest, and other targeting criteria. After creating multiple ad units, spend can be diverted from underperforming segments to those that will generate the most ROI.

Our client found that this strategy allowed them to test messaging creative and target their male audience before rolling out their products to their entire fan base. In the end, they decided that they would have put even more of their budget towards Unpublished Page Posts and used them to drive more sales to the product.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing