Forrester just released Data Defines The Future Of Social Relationship Platforms: How And Why Emerging SRPs Are Overtaking Established Vendors*, a report that names SocialFlow among “emerging SRPs … leading the way.” In the report, Nate Elliot, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester writes how savvy SRPs are using external data sources both strategically and tactically to improve their social media engagement. The result is higher productivity and better quality output. Elliot also identifies the pain points that hold marketers back: lack of metrics, difficulty creating compelling content and inadequate staffing:

  • 52% of marketers stated their biggest challenge is measuring the performance of their branded profiles
  • 39% were challenged with finding or creating content to publish and
  • 20% struggled with scheduling posts and creating a content calendar.

Elliot included SocialFlow Cadence as an innovative platform: “SocialFlow’s Cadence product ensures that marketers publish to Facebook or Twitter when their posts have the best chance of being seen. Marketers set boundaries for their posts (e.g., only 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays) and put content into a queue. The tool then tracks the social actions of each brand’s followers to estimate what percentage of them are active at any given moment — and when it senses a large number are online, it automatically publishes a post from the queue.”   *Data Defines The Future Of Social Relationship Platforms, Forrester Research, Inc.,  2014 Click here to read the report in its entirety, courtesy of SocialFlow

Written by Jim Anderson
Jim has more than 20 years experience developing, productizing and selling both B2B and B2C technology solutions. Previously, Jim was COO of Vitrue, where he was instrumental in building the team, products and customer relationships that led to the acquisition by Oracle.