May 8, 2012 News & Events

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Engage 121 to bring you a series of blog posts, listing and explaining best practices for optimizing your social media publishing. Here’s the basic rundown…

1. Start with great content: 
Align an ideal mix with your goals that may incorporate evergreen content, external resources, personality, questions, tips/how-tos, video, images and audio.
2. Don’t over-publish:
Find the sweet spot of enough messaging to satisfy your audience but not so much that they get tired of hearing from you.
3. Master a content cycle:
Keep a constant flow between listening, planning, creating, publishing and evaluating. All are important in social, and all will enhance your results. 
4. Think outside your time zone:
Publish in off hours and recycle occasionally to hit night owls and those on a different schedule. Remember, not all your fans and followers are online at the same time. It’s okay to recycle your message.
5. Engage & reward your audience:
Interactions, contests quizzes and conversation are all great ways to do this. Use a content management and publishing applications like Engage121 to help you effectively and efficiently reach your community and prospects.
6. Make sure your website encourages social sharing:
Do you have easy social tools on site? Are you using Open Graph tags correctly?
7. Meet your audience halfway:
Listen to them, and use the keywords and hashtags your audience is already using.
8. Save time through science and technology:
Use the SocialFlow Optimized Publisher™  to streamline your publishing to Facebook and Twitter. Optimizing means you don’t have to guess when the best time to deliver your message is or how often.

Tune in next Tuesday as we go in depth to cover how to approach and execute these best practices one-by-one.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing