April 16, 2012 News & Events

Many of us here at SocialFlow are big fans of the WordPress platform, in fact, the blog that you are reading right now is powered by WordPress’ powerful and highly customizable publishing engine.

That’s why we’re especially proud of our work with WordPress, including being a one of the first partners included in the WordPress VIP Featured Partner Program and our relatively recent WordPress plugin, a great tool for making sure your content is optimized for maximum impact the second you publish it.

Tomorrow night (Tues), we’ll be giving a demo of the plugin at the WordPress NYC Meetup during an evening on Responsive Design. Though the program is currently sold out, it’s definitely worth joining the waitlist, because things do open up last minute. It’s a great community, and we’re thrilled to be sponsors this year.

Read more about our plugin here.

Check out some tips on getting specific feeds from your WordPress blog into SocialFlow below:

Written by SocialFlow Marketing