Universal Attention Token Ecosystem

Revolutionizing the economics of media and advertising by rebalancing digital advertising. The UAT solution will improve the value proposition for all players: Publishers, Users, and Advertisers. SocialFlow sees the UAT as the future for sustaining viable media companies. We are working towards building this ecosystem alongside our core business. Read on to learn more about our concept.

UAT Fixes the Broken Advertising Model

The current digital advertising model is inefficient at best, and broken at worst. Publishers are not being paid fairly for their content, Users are faced with escalating ad loads as well as increasingly interruptive ad units; and Advertisers deal with an unacceptable level of inefficiency and fraud. The Universal Attention Token, or UAT, will fix that. Built using blockchain technology, and deployed at scale, the Universal Attention Token will deliver greater value to Publishers, a better experience for Users - all while preserving the ability for Advertisers to reach prospective customers. The UAT is a digital token that corresponds to consumer attention. Having such a token allows us to account for consumer actions in a way that is simple, private, and trustworthy. The fact that token transactions will be written to the blockchain is an important technical innovation—but you don’t need to be a technical expert to benefit. Just as you don’t need to understand hypertext transfer protocol (“http://”) to use the Internet, you don’t need to understand blockchain to use the UAT. When done well, it just works.


Publishers and content creators should be compensated fairly for the quality content that keeps their users coming back.


Users should be able to engage with content in an enjoyable way, and have their time as well as the ownership of their data respected.


Advertisers should be able to build meaningful relationships with receptive audiences through high-quality messaging.

Scaled to Succeed

Nearly 200 of the world’s top publishers and media companies use SocialFlow to distribute and monetize their content on social networks. With more than a trillion in annual reach, to more than a billion people around the world, SocialFlow has the scale to make the UAT a commercial success.

This interactive globe shows a live view of click traffic from posts published through the SocialFlow platform to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple News, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. 

The pink dots represent where in the world people are consuming content. Size of the dots correlates to number of clicks. Data is refreshed every 10 minutes.

SocialFlow One-Year Statistics

It's one thing to conceive of changing the economics of media and advertising, but it's quite another to do it at a meaningful scale. Meaningful revenue for Publishers. A better experience for Users. Trusted results for Advertisers. Delivered at a scale that matters.

Reach: 1.1 Trillion

Devices: 2.4 Billion

Clicks: 8.9 Billion

Social Pages: 16,000

Social Posts: 50 Million

Want to learn more? Read our white paper.


The SocialFlow team is nearly 50 people strong, and our leadership team features an average tenure with the company of more than five years. With broad technology experience, and a track record of successful innovation across a range of companies, the team is well-positioned to deliver on the UAT value proposition.




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VP, Marketing

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