Five Years and Counting (A Note From the CEO)

Five years ago today was my first day at SocialFlow. So much has changed since that first day: the decline of brands’ reach; the volatility of publishers’ reach; the changing nature of social advertising; and the sheer scale of Facebook and other social platforms.

What has not changed is our support for the world’s biggest media companies. They use our software to publish about 50 million posts a year to social platforms, generating about a trillion in annual reach. Despite that impressive scale, though, few publishers are satisfied with how their reach translates to actual revenue.

In a few short weeks, we will unveil a blockchain-powered product that is the next logical step in the work we do to support publishers. It will help improve the paywall and advertising problems that clutter the social experience—while making sure that publishers are more fairly compensated for their content.

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and now blockchain: the technologies themselves are exciting, but it’s even more exciting to use them to solve real business and consumer problems.

I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks!

Jim Anderson



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