15% of Social Posts Generate 90% of Reach? (A Note From the CEO)


I’ve had a number of recent meetings with executives on the advertising “buy” side; most commonly from media buying agencies, but also CMOs and other brand marketers. In preparing for one of those meetings, I asked our team to pull one day of Facebook data from the SocialFlow platform. With apologies for the complex scatter plot, here is a chart showing that data:
I share this with you because it illustrates the power of the SocialFlow platform: more than 61,000 Facebook posts (Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms are not included, and comprise an even larger data set), generating a combined 1.6 billion in Facebook reach. If you were to buy that reach at a $5 CPM, you would spend on the order of $8 million just for the ad spend—without even considering the cost of creating all the content.

There are a few interesting patterns in the animated GIF that are worth calling out:

  • It’s necessary to plot the y-axis on a logarithmic scale to see what’s going on. If you try to view it on a conventional scale the posts with reach of 5+ million make it impossible to see all the posts with reach of under 10,000.
  • Social posting is a “hit-driven” business. You can see that 15% of the posts generate 90% of the reach.
  • We, humans, are peculiar. Despite our frequent counsel about the perils of scheduling posts, you see large vertical “stripes” in the data which reflect the human tendency to post at even hour and half-hour increments. (Fortunately, most users instead rely on our data-driven algorithms to slot content into the right windows of attention.)

This is relevant to our upcoming Universal Attention Token (UAT) because it illustrates how much consumer attention is generated from great content. We know that consumer attention has value to Advertisers, who are an important part of our UAT ecosystem. We can provide that value to Advertisers while still respecting the User experience and User privacy.

The date of our broad solicitation to support the UAT is rapidly approaching, as we’re putting the finishing touches on our soon-to-be-unveiled web presence explaining the Security Token offering; ramping our new relationship with StartEngine; and finalizing our marketing materials. It’s going to be an exciting fall.

Much more to come!


Jim Anderson



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