Providing Publishers Another Revenue Stream (A Note From the CEO)


We’re past the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. and are excited to see the reaction to our Universal Attention Token offering in places like the Columbia Journalism Review. I also had the opportunity yesterday morning to join Jon Erlichman on Canada’s Business News Network, where we discussed Facebook’s and Twitter’s testimony in front of Congress. Technology platforms are experiencing a level of scrutiny that’s not likely to change anytime soon.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey mentioned in his testimony how Twitter is studying the use of blockchain to solve some of its ecosystem problems. He didn’t offer much detail, though—and that reminded me how important it is for us to not get so wrapped up in the technology (“blockchain!”) that we fail to clearly explain what it is we’re doing.

We designed the Universal Attention Token to help publishers generate more digital revenue, using an approach that falls between subscriptions and advertising:

Subscriptions and paywalls are a hot topic with publishers—and that’s hardly surprising, given how difficult the digital advertising market is for everyone not named Google or Facebook. Publishers have to do something to change things up. At SocialFlow we’ve helped clients run thousands of social ads and campaigns for subscriptions, but nobody—not SocialFlow or anyone else—can solve the “share of wallet” problem that all paying subscriptions face.

Micro-Subscriptions are not a new concept, but using blockchain technology to power them is new. We have a way to address high transaction costs and the low degree of trust that plague the advertising ecosystem. At scale. While delivering a better experience for the user.

That’s why we’re so excited about the Universal Attention Token.

Much more to come!


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