Is the Banner Ad the Best We Can Do? (A Note From the CEO)

We continue our dialogue with the media companies who create the content we love, but who need better ways to be paid for it. It’s a good time to update our “most popular social posts of the year” list. And we continue to contribute to the conversation around technology platforms and how they may end up being regulated.
The broad solicitation of our Universal Attention Token is underway, which you can see at it out, and drop me a line or contact us at to learn more.
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Is the Banner Ad the Best We Can Do?

As we continue our conversations with media companies and advertisers, it’s clear that there’s no love lost for the banner ad. More than 20 years after the commercial adoption of the Internet, it is fair to ask, “is this the best we can do?” in terms of digital advertising.

One of the more exciting parts of our Universal Attention Token is the promise of taking the more “clickable, swipable, tappable” interfaces that we’ve become used to on our mobile devices, and turning them into ad experiences that benefit publishers, are respectful to users, and that provide real value to the advertisers who pay for them.

We have developed offerings that emphasize relevance to the great content that garners consumer attention. The example above is an innovation in another direction; recognizing that quick and satisfying interactions with advertisers can be done in different ways and different places. But it’s important to give consumers a reason to spend the time—our Universal Attention Token will do just that.

Most Popular Social Posts of the Year—So Far 

We’re privileged to see content from most of the world’s best media companies; they use SocialFlow’s software to publish, measure, and monetize their content on social networks. We periodically feature the best posts of the year, as judged by users and their traffic. Below are five posts that generated more than 500 million in combined social reach, with more than 7 million Likes, Comments, and Shares. Those of you who have spent time in and around the advertising space know the value of that level of attention!
Five of the Top-Performing Posts of the Year, So Far:
Animal in Danger – Hawk flew into a moving car and got stuck in the front grill… (Daily Mail)
Act of Love – 99-year-old man walks six miles every day to visit his wife in the hospital… (CBS News)
Animal Mischief – When you see your friend causing trouble at the end of a night out… (Yahoo UK & Ireland)
Fiery Outrage – “We’re here because my daughter has no voice…” (ABC News)
Viral Puzzle – Can You Spot the Mistake? Type YES when you spot it, but don’t give it away… (iHeart Media)

Calling People Liars?


The technology platforms continue to garner outsized attention in Washington DC, and to no one’s surprise, the level of mistrust is high. As a software company, we work with a wide variety of media companies across a spectrum of coverage, geography, and audience. Our goal is to contribute to these conversations without adding to the polarization and to help people understand how the platforms are being used.
I had the opportunity to chat with Charles Payne of Fox Business about tech bias. It got a bit testy when he said that I was “calling people liars” (I wasn’t), but it does illustrate how difficult it is to discuss these topics. It’s impossible to prove that something never happened on a platform the size of Twitter, but it’s not impossible to understand how media companies use the platforms, and how your Twitter experience is very different—perhaps completely different—from my Twitter experience.
Platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter have an outsized importance on politics, and in our lives. We look forward to continuing to add our voice to the conversations!
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