Flipping the Script / Rethinking Subscriptions / Advertising is a Mess (A Note From the CEO)


This week I met with the commercial team of one of our clients who happens to be among the most prestigious names in financial publishing. They have a vibrant subscription business and charge premium rates for their advertising.
We had a far-ranging discussion around our Universal Attention Token, and more fundamentally the future of their publishing business. I came away from the discussion with three key takeaways:
1. We Are Flipping the Script.  SocialFlow is in the process of shifting from a model of charging publishers for technology, to actually paying them for their content. Or as I told our client, “I want to stop sending you invoices and start sending you money.” This is an ambitious step, but as you can imagine is viewed favorably. We have to be able to back up the promise, which is why the work we’ve done to understand the incentives across Publishers, Users, and Advertisers is so important.
2. Rethinking Subscriptions. This particular client has a global footprint and a sophisticated price segmentation strategy. They don’t presume to be able to charge the same subscription price to students that they do to bond traders, nor the same price across countries that may have different average income. Our UAT is really the next logical step: moving from “all you can eat” to a la carte pricing—in a way that will not cannibalize existing Publisher revenue streams.
3. Advertising is a Mess. As I demonstrate the prototypes of our clickable, swipable, interactive ad units, I can’t help but think that the digital advertising world we’ve collectively built is a hot mess. Millions of words have been written about the banner ad—almost none of them good. Yet that still seems to be the standard on which most digital businesses are built. We can do so much better.
We continue to make the rounds, talking with prospective investors, customers, and advertisers. The capital raise is the key element of bringing this vision to life; if you’re interested in learning more, reach out to me directly, contact investor_relations@socialflow.com, or proceed directly to www.startengine.com/socialflow.
Much more to come!
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