Better Ads + Fewer Paywalls + Tokenized Capital (A Note From the CEO)


Much of what we are trying to do with the Universal Attention Token is complex. And as I started to write this email I was reminded of the famous-but-vaguely-attributed quote, “I’m sorry this is so long; I didn’t have the time to make it shorter.” Today, I have taken the extra time to try to make the explanation of our Universal Attention Token shorter. What we’re doing in six words:
  •   Better Ads
  •   Fewer Paywalls
  •   Tokenized Capital
Those six words scream for further elaboration; if you’ve heard us talk you know that we could write missives about each. I’ll resist that urge, knowing that you can always find more about our Universal Attention Token and the associated capital raise if you want more information.
Our thoughts are crisp; our customer relationships are strong; our technology is sound. The Tokenized Capital to fuel the execution remains the focus. We continue to welcome your qualified referrals of accredited investors, and of course your inquiries directly to
Much more to come!


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