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Universal Attention Token Ecosystem FAQs

Q: So what exactly is a ‘digital token’? A: It’s a string of letters and numbers, stored in a database, and assigned to a wallet. To visualize this, take out the bills from your wallet or purse, and inventory them … Read More

SocialFlow CEO Discusses Potential Regulations for Social Media with FOX Business

Is social media regulation inevitable? SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson Joined Fox Business’s Stuart Varney to discuss the potential regulation of social media networks: See more SocialFlow Media Appearances The pressure on technology companies continues to increase, with the news that … Read More

Providing Publishers Another Revenue Stream (A Note From the CEO)

Hello— We’re past the Labor Day holiday here in the U.S. and are excited to see the reaction to our Universal Attention Token offering in places like the Columbia Journalism Review. I also had the opportunity yesterday morning to join … Read More

SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson Joins BNN to Discuss Social Media Regulations

After hearings, are more regulations on the way for social media? Jim Anderson, CEO, SocialFlow joins BNN Bloomberg to discuss whether the big social media players face tighter regulations. See more SocialFlow Media Appearances The pressure on technology companies continues … Read More

Ironwood Research Group Releases In-Depth Report on UAT

Ironwood Research Group, a global research firm specializing in emerging technologies, such as blockchain, utility tokens, and cryptocurrency, released a report this week evaluating the technology and strategy behind newly announced SocialFlow Universal Attention Token. “We believe SocialFlow’s dual token … Read More

Press Release: SocialFlow Announces the Universal Attention Token Ecosystem

Fundraise now open for the blockchain-powered solution offering better compensation for Publishers [NEW YORK: August 29, 2018] SocialFlow, the world’s largest social distribution platform for publishers and media companies, announces the launch of the Universal Attention Token (UAT), a blockchain-enabled … Read More

“Why Blockchain?” (A Note From the CEO)

This morning SocialFlow made the public announcement of its Universal Attention Token, or UAT. But I won’t use this post to talk about the specifics of the offering (see our announcement, check out our website, and read our white paper). Instead, I’d like … Read More

Announcing the Universal Attention Token

We’re excited today to announce the Universal Attention Token, or UAT. This blockchain token will be the mechanism we use to shift the value proposition in digital content distribution back towards the Publishers who create the content. The problems with … Read More

Why Blockchain? SocialFlow’s Path to Building Trust (A Note From the CEO)

Hello—   As I talk about the Universal Attention Token with people in the publishing and advertising space, the question “Why Blockchain?” periodically comes up. The idea is that everything we’re proposing to do with the Universal Attention Token could … Read More