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15% of Social Posts Generate 90% of Reach? (A Note From the CEO)

Hello— I’ve had a number of recent meetings with executives on the advertising “buy” side; most commonly from media buying agencies, but also CMOs and other brand marketers. In preparing for one of those meetings, I asked our team to pull one day … Read More

Five Years and Counting (A Note From the CEO)

Five years ago today was my first day at SocialFlow. So much has changed since that first day: the decline of brands’ reach; the volatility of publishers’ reach; the changing nature of social advertising; and the sheer scale of Facebook … Read More

Blockchain Forecast to Create $122B in Value for Advertising, Media by 2030 (A Note From the CEO)

Hello— The headline is striking: Blockchain Forecast to Create $122B in Business Value for Advertising, Media by 2030.   Feel free to roll your eyes at the perhaps-absurd specificity of a prediction more than a decade in the future. But the … Read More

Facebook & Amazons (A Note From the CEO)

Hello— At her current rate of growth, one of my neighbors will be 12’6” (381cm) tall by the time she turns 50. The data is inarguable, and I’ve triple-checked my calculations. She is destined to be an Amazon. P.S. She’s … Read More

Civil Launches Token Sale; Netflix Earnings Disappoint (A Note From the CEO)

Hello—   Today’s Wall Street Journal has an excellent story about Civil, a software company that hopes to use a cryptocurrency raise to cultivate a global network of newsrooms and news consumers. You need to be a WSJ subscriber to read … Read More

“The Most Valuable Startups of the Next 10 Years” (A Note From the CEO)

Hello— Jessica Lessin of The Information wrote an interesting article this week that focused on the difficulty of capturing consumer attention, and how hard that makes it for small companies to grow. A registration or subscription is required to read … Read More

Laugh, Cry, Relax? Posts from SocialFlow Clients May Cause All Three (A Note From the CEO)

Hello—As you know, SocialFlow is privileged to see content from many of the world’s best media companies; they use SocialFlow’s software to publish, measure, and monetize their content on social networks. As we enter into the second half of the … Read More

SocialFlow’s Scale, on Display (A Note From the CEO)

Hello — “Wow” is the most common reaction I hear when I show people the scale at which media content is being published to social networks. Those of you who’ve seen one of our pitches may recall your reaction when … Read More

Paywalls and the “Share of Wallet” Problem (A Note From the CEO)

Hello — Last week I had the opportunity to attend a conference of mid-sized magazine media companies, with attendees representing titles such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, The Atlantic, and Reader’s Digest. Subscriptions and paywalls were the hot topics of the conference—and … Read More

SocialFlow’s Two-Token Approach (A Note From the CEO)

Hello —   We are making great progress towards the Universal Attention Token, and the past few weeks have been particularly busy on the legal front. We continue to iron out details both with our law firm (Gunderson Dettmer) and … Read More