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Please join us as social media thought leader and SocialFlow co-founder Frank Speiser presents “The Measurements that Matter.”

Audience acquisition, clicks, impressions, retweets, likes, favorites and shares are all important metrics—but in which context? What do they mean for your business goals? High CTR can be extremely important in some situations but doesn’t always translate into conversions. Conversions aren’t always the right metric for every business. At the wrong end of the social media lifecycle, audience acquisition, at the expense of everything else, can be extremely damaging. At the end of the day, are these just proxy variables for business value?

More and more, businesses on social are realizing that the most important metrics are the ones that align with your business’s specific goals. But figuring out the right metrics in the right situation is often more difficult than it would appear.

Please join SocialFlow’s Co-Founder, Frank Speiser, as he shares his insights, gained over years of experience driving success on social for brands and publishers to help you:

Pay attention to the right measurements for your business goals
Organically build an audience based on trust
Use data and science to develop your social media strategy and marketing plan
Avoid the pitfalls associated with building audiences and campaigns which, while popular, often provide little to no value to your business

Topic: The Measurements that Matter.
Date: Sept 12, 2013
Time: 2pm-3pm EDT
Speaker: Frank Speiser
Duration: 1 Hour

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing