August 30, 2011 News & Events

“My real competition is 30 billion status updates,” PepsiCo Head of Digital Shiv Singh has said of the challenge of being a brand in the social space. Attention is the new bottleneck, and brands often adopt counter-productive strategies to try and break through. This session will provide facts and truths based on data.

Gilad Lotan, Vice President of SocialFlow’s Research and Development team, will present some recent studies that he and his team have done on how information flows through Twitter. He’ll talk about analyses of real events and conclusions about how news is spread on Twitter, from the news about Osama Bin Laden to the Virginia earthquakes. Gilad will also show how messages pass through the network and shed light on so-called ‘influence’ on the social web.

You’ll learn: 

  • How did news about the Osama Bin Laden operation make it through the interwebs b4 the official WH announcement?
  • what can we learn from different ways of visualizing information flows?
  • what are important metrics to look at when measuring impact in social media?
  • What are attributes that affect information propagation on Twitter?
  • How does a meme or hashtag spread?

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Written by SocialFlow Marketing