As we enter 2015, it’s a good time to take stock of how far social marketing has come, and where it might be headed.

The lion’s share of social marketing attention this year has centered around organic reach, specifically the steps Facebook has taken to decrease it for marketing messages. Twitter continued to build out its ecosystem and ad offerings. Pinterest continues to quietly build traffic and an impressive inventory of high-quality pinned content. And new entrants like SnapChat have made their first steps into accepting paid advertising.

I predict that 2015 will be even more eventful for social marketers, in these three ways.

Prediction #1.  Social Relationship Platforms will cease to exist as we know them.

Social has become the next great broadcast medium: built by the social platforms, programmed by individuals and media companies, and fueled by advertising dollars.

Marketers will continue to listen for potential customer service issues, but the responsibility for routing and tracking these social interactions will reside with their existing CRM systems, which have the routing, tracking, and analytics already mapped to the organization’s needs.

As CRM systems take on a larger role, the Social Relationship Platforms will instead become Social Broadcast Platforms, focused on helping marketers reach the right kind of audiences and gain the right kind of attention to support their marketing objectives.

The full text of predictions number two and three have been published on Social Media Today. Full article is here.

Written by SocialFlow Marketing