With more companies utilizing social media networks to promote a business or product, it’s important to remember that “online oversharing” can take a toll, so businesses using social media networks should carefully consider the image they are portraying on Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

Here are a few tips to prevent oversharing on social media networks:

Don’t get too personal. Posting personal stories on a business page can be a good thing, even helping to humanize a brand. However, those anecdotes should be related to your brand. Unless your company is dedicated to politics or religion, avoid discussing those types of hot-button issues on the official business page.

Less is more. The primary purpose of a social media presence is to connect with clients, fans/followers and prospective clients. Don’t waste their time by posting irrelevant information. In fact, too many random or unnecessary updates can lead to a fan hiding, ignoring or deleting your information. The important thing is to share meaningful content that you know your audience will be interested in reading.

Be cautious, not boring. Find ways to punch up your online content, such as posting case studies and questions. Instead of consistently giving a sales pitch, seek out input from your fan base, asking them to share insight on what they like most about your company or brand. It’s ok to extend your communications to your interests as long as your audience relates.

People remember what they see. Research shows that images go a long way, often generating more engagement and sharing than simple text. Utilize attention-grabbing photos and videos to show off your products and company through your social social networks. Nowadays you can find great images and videos anywhere, but be sure to share those that will enhance your brand rather than dilute your brand.

Reward loyalty the right way. Find ways to reward loyal or influential customers. Provide incentives – such as insider information or discounts on products – to encourage fans to share your news. With too many incentives, giveaways and special deals, you’ll find that your page has become a haven for people who care little about engaging with your brand and just seek out deals to share on other deal sites.

When it comes to your company’s social media channels, remember that interactive engagement is the goal. Optimize before you post and share, find ways to consistently mix up the content to keep your audience’s interest and evaluate your content regularly to see what is working.