New York Magazine publishes content across different social channels, along with each of their sub-publications, Vulture and The Cut, 24 hours a day. Learn how SocialFlow helped their small team publish news and coverage around the clock, maximizing social growth and engagement in our latest case study: 


As a news organization, New York Magazine publishes content across different social channels at all times of day. Their goal was to publish more content and resurface that content across their Twitter and Facebook accounts; not only for @NYMag but also for @Vulture and @TheCut.


Having a small team, they were looking for a solution that was both efficient and effective. They needed presence and coverage all hours of the day, without an around-the-clock staff. Also, with social media driving the most growth of visitors to New York Media content, it was important to have a strategic solution to maximize social growth and engagement.


New York Magazine found that SocialFlow’s scheduling and optimization tool was the best way to achieve their goal. Ken Sheldon, Executive Director of Audience Development at New York Media said,”To be able to schedule so we’re populating the social feeds at nights and weekends and the optimization on top of that has been really helpful so it’s a great tool for our team.”

Once scheduling was set, the team wanted to expand the number of social contributors, and the ability to see who was working and posting what content.


In addition to the ease of the workflow, the New York Magazine team also values the ability to see Click Through Rate (CTR) and engagement data side-by-side in the reporting. This view is crucial for them to learn about their audience and the type of content that resonated. Not only did this feature help the social teams, but it also helped the editorial team see what topics were successful.

Tara Abell, New York Magazine’s Social Media Editor said,”A big benefit of using SocialFlow is the ease of adding new accounts and new admins. We can have multiple people in our SocialFlow account at any given time doing different projects. This is possible because of the intuitive user interface and how easy it is to use. Not only does our social media team use the tool, but also our audience development director, some members of our ad sales and business development teams.”

“The ability to, very seamlessly, move from account to account was something I haven’t seen with other platforms. It’s incredibly user-friendly and also fast, in a way that other programs are not.” – Tara Abell, Social Media Editor, New York Magazine


Since signing on with SocialFlow in October 2013, the number of posts that they were able to publish per day, per week, and per month increased significantly. Some months the average climbed to 950 posts.

NYMag Social Metrics 2

NYMag Social Metrics