We are happy to announce that AttentionStream is now available on Twitter!

AttentionStream allows brands to sponsor a media company’s top-performing editorial content, directly in the Twitter timeline. Twitter joins Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as AttentionStream distribution channels. Watch our CEO Jim Anderson make the announcement:

SocialFlow identifies publishers’ highest performing editorial Tweets just as they begin to trend, then re-posts them with an appropriate advertiser sponsorship. When users click from these sponsored Tweets to the publisher’s site to read the complete articles, they are met with a 100% share of voice ad experiences from the same advertiser.

“Advertisers have long wanted to be associated with the best content–and media companies are the ones creating much of the great content on social networks,” said SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson. “AttentionStream is a logical next step, as it allows select advertisers to associate with the very best trending content, in the moment, directly in consumers’ social feeds.”

AS_Twitter_mock2SocialFlow is already running successful campaigns across many of the social platforms including Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram for a wide range of major brands. AttentionStream campaigns have garnered performance metrics that dwarf the engagement benchmarks for paid social posts and display ads. SocialFlow delivers more than 80% of the social content created by the world’s top 150 media companies and has approved several of the top 20 publishers for the AttentionStream program.

“SocialFlow was one of the first Twitter Official Partners. AttentionStream’s launch on Twitter clearly shows Twitter’s continued commitment to the best possible user experience,” said Anderson. “Enabling content creators to generate revenue through sponsorship of their content not only makes good business sense, it creates a highly effective ad experience.”