The Latest from SocialFlow

New Feature: Enhanced LinkedIn Publishing

We have updated our features for both publishing and reporting for LinkedIn. Now you can include more media and tagging within your LinkedIn messages. New capabilities include: publishing posts that include videos up to 200MB in size and 10 min long publishing posts...

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Maximizing Your Subscriber Revenue with RetentionStream

You’ve no doubt heard the adage, “It’s cheaper to retain a customer than to acquire a new one.” As we all grapple with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our businesses, it’s worth revisiting that bit of wisdom. If you’re like many companies, you’ve seen a jump in...

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COVID-19 and the Impact on Publishers: Data

We dug into our data to understand the impact on COVID-19 and corresponding quarantine orders on content powered through SocialFlow.  Although we have publisher clients across the globe, the highest concentration of our users are in the US—so you’ll see the timing of...

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Round Up: Features for Efficiency

SocialFlow is purpose-built for media companies. Used by some of the biggest names in media, SocialFlow is also an invaluable resource for smaller, more nimble social teams. No matter the level of resources available to you, increasing your team’s workflow efficiency...

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Protect Your Social Handles, from the Inside Out

You work hard to create engaging content, build trust, and cultivate a social following. But are you thinking enough about how you secure that trust? A Google search of “social media hack” will reveal a litany of stories that range from embarrassing to disastrous....

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Twitter Compose Preview Now Available

We’ve added Twitter preview functionality to our compose window.  Now, in addition to seeing the metadata (image/link/title/description), you will see a preview of how your content will look when posted to Twitter. When posting to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously,...

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