Breaking news is inherently more engaging, but you may be surprised at the performance of Facebook posts that use the Breaking News Indicator.

Facebook’s Breaking News Indicator allows publishers* to better communicate breaking news with a visual indicator within the post. Launched in 2018 as a test, the program has been honed and expanded to allow more publishers to take advantage of this feature.

SocialFlow clients, who are whitelisted by Facebook for this feature, are able to apply the breaking news indicator within the normal SocialFlow workflow. Learn how here.

Facebook initially posted some modest KPI gains garnered by news marked as breaking during the test period. When we analyzed our own data however, the results were much more impressive.

When using the Breaking News Indicator, our clients have seen an increased reach of 260%+ when compared to content not marked as breaking. Engagement soared event more—with breaking news posts achieving 480% the engagement (clicks, likes, comments, shares) of unmarked content.

Digging deeper into the data, we looked at how the Breaking News feature impacted different sized Facebook accounts. Our data shows that the performance is most pronounced in smaller handles (less than 100k followers), and as the handles get bigger the delta between breaking news content and non-breaking news content starts to shrink.

While the content itself is likely driving much of this performance, it is important for publishers to realize the power of using this Facebook feature. Using the Breaking News Indicator results in greater reach and engagement across accounts of all handle sizes. Are you taking advantage of this feature?

 Want to learn more? Here are some Facebook marketing materials about the Breaking News Indicator:


*Facebook whitelists publishers to give them access to this functionality. If you aren’t currently whitelisted and would like to be, reach out to your Facebook rep. 

The dataset was pulled using only handles that utilized Breaking News Posts.