How much value is derived from media coverage– social and otherwise?

bi_trump2So anyone can tell that Donald’s Trump Presidential bid is getting far more attention than the other candidates’. But what does that mean and what is the value of the social attention? At SocialFlow we started to crunch some numbers to see just how much social media currency he has.

In only the first half of March, SocialFlow estimates that people have spent around 1.94 million hours reading and engaging with content featuring “the Donald” on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. This compares to around 630 thousand hours spent reading content about Hillary Clinton.


“Donald Trump has demonstrated a showman’s ability to dominate the conversation. On social media he’s been able to generate billions of impressions, which translate into millions of hours of exposure. The value over the course of a year is about $383 million. By comparison, Hillary Clinton, who does quite well with social media herself, is getting about $90 million worth of free exposure on social media.”  Jim Anderson, SocialFlow CEO


Business Insider took our data and merged it with other media coverage estimates to give a fuller view of Trump’s coverage across all mediums.

Yahoo! looked at our data to see how other candidates fare versus Trump in terms of social attention.