SocialFlow Case Study:

Complex Media is the largest and most influential collection of sites targeted at 20-something males. As a large media outlet, Complex needed to find an enterprise solution to house all of their publishing data – all accounts in one platform. They also wanted to increase clicks, retweets, and followers.


Complex Media’s main goals with SocialFlow’s platform were to streamline social media workflow, consolidate efforts, centralize data, and increase engagement while gathering insights and improving their KPIs. SocialFlow helped Complex to accomplish all of their goals in just a few short months.


Prior to using SocialFlow, each team was publishing natively to Twitter and Facebook in isolation. Without centralization, Complex has no means to gather metrics create benchmarks, and evaluate performance across social networks. Limited and disperse data made improvements difficult. Content was sourced by hand, a time-consuming process for each team. Publishing occurred at random intervals when the team was available to publish content to social media, sometimes spamming their audience.

Publishing occurred at random intervals when the team was available to publish content to social media – sometimes resulting in spamming their audience.

The Solution:

Complex Media leveraged SocialFlow‘s platform to create a more sophisticated and unified publishing strategy. They used the SocialFlow platform to pool content from multiple feeds into one centralized location, which cut down on the time spent sourcing content. Complex Media used the solution to streamline their workflows, allowing them to more quickly and easily gather insights that led to improvements in critical KPI’s.

First Quarter Success:

40% increase in clicks
42% increase in retweets
10% increase in followers

In addition, the kind of insight they gained about their audience enabled Complex to determine ideal time frames were for different types of content. For example, they like to call the 10pm-3am tweets “Complex After Dark” – and reserve the most salacious content to optimize within those times, using SocialFlow’s business rules.


Complex has gained benchmarks, reporting, and valuable insights allowing them to continually improve performance. With real-time click counters and new reporting tools, the social media team is able to provide information to management very quickly. Management was thrilled with the initial numbers – and the continuing success over more than 2 years – of optimization on their social media, but the Social Media Director is most proud of how “cleaned up everything is behind the scenes.” The message-labeling tool has become “indispensable” for tracking sales requests. SocialFlow was instrumental in getting Complex’s tracking in order – providing customer support to integrate their auto-tweet function into SocialFlow. This has enabled Complex to not only track main accounts, but also all other Complex branded accounts, previously not monitored. This has provided Complex a much better idea of their Twitter performance as a whole.


Complex integrated their auto-tweet function into SocialFlow, enabling tracking not only on their main accounts but all other branded accounts (previously not monitored) – providing critical data on how Complex as a whole is performing on Twitter.

Complex implemented SocialFlow’s labeling tool, which has enabled them to connect social efforts to sales requests


Complex leveraged SocialFlow to pull content from multiple RSS feeds directly into their social channels.