An automaker was looking for an innovative way to advertise their new model after a dramatic agency switch. They wanted to shift their strategy and targeting to address the high-end, luxury consumer on social media, hoping to make a powerful and lasting brand impression with their repositioned brand. The automaker also wanted more control over their ad placement and content association than is available with traditional digital.


Meredith Corp. proposed their Real Time Social advertising program, which is powered by SocialFlow’s AttentionStream. AttentionStream enables advertisers to sponser Meredith Corp.’s best editorial content, just as it starts to trend, while targeting the widest variety of audiences available on social. AttentionStream consists of in-feed brand presentation that drives significant awareness and an immersive multi-ad experience on the publisher’s content page.


Over the course of the month-long campaign, the SocialFlow technology identified Meredith Corp.’s top performing social content in real-time. Posts within key content categories determined to be most appealing to the automaker’s target audience were selected for sponsorship.

The automaker brand messaging and image was incorporated as an overlay on the selected posts’ in-feed images. A paid post media buy was placed on Facebook against the automaker’s target audience. The sponsored posts, containing high-performing, high-value Meredith Corp.’s editorial content were then delivered as sponsored posts. Facebook users clicked through to read the complete editorial articles on the Meredith Corp. story landing pages, which featured a multi-ad experience for the automaker.

We really have unlimited incremental inventory because the audience we’re selling is Facebook’s audience, it’s Twitter’s hundreds of millions, it’s Instagram’s, it’s Pinterest’s audience…we’re not selling the inventory on our own sites.”
-Ben Kaplan, Executive Director of Product and Operations


During this campaign, the automaker achieved:
Time Inc social metrics


  • Target key audiences on social and mobile, where they spend their time, with the content they want to read most.
  • Increase brand affinity and awareness by associating the brand with trending, top-performing and high-quality editorial posts.
  • Increased awareness and engagement beyond traditional advertising.


  • Monetize your highest value content across social instead of giving it away.
  • Expand your property’s audience by using your advertiser’s dollars to promote your best content to drive traffic from social to your pages.
  • Command premium CPM’s for your premium content delivered to a virtually limitless audience.