In our 2019 Industry Report, The Media is Social, we tell the story of a news publisher as they were onboarded as SocialFlow clients. Their experience illustrates why top publishers continue to choose SocialFlow to power their social content. By digging into this client’s success metrics, you can clearly see the SocialFlow difference. SocialFlow helped increase their posts, reach, and social engagement metrics all while they were dealing with resource constraints.

Here is their story in two minutes:

By automating with SocialFlow, the client was able to produce more than 20% more posts once they started using the platform.  But quantity increases don’t alone validate SocialFlow—we must look at success metrics.

The publisher saw marked increases in Favorites, Retweets, and @Mentions on Twitter—+151%, +117%, and +47% respectively.  The success wasn’t limited to Twitter. They also saw increases of 20% in reach on Facebook over this three-month period.

SocialFlow’s data-driven optimization function boost posts’ performance—by slotting the right content into the right windows of audience intention.

We are happy to provide tools to publishers that achieve better results with less effort.  That’s the power of SocialFlow and that’s why the world’s leading publishers rely on us!


Read more about this case study in section 7 of our 2019 Industry Report: The Media is Social.