A legacy media company was keen for additional ways to monetize their content and offer new, innovative ad solutions to their advertisers.

This publisher has a strong social presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They take a lot of pride in their social success but have not been able to extract any revenue from their success on the platforms.


SocialFlow’s AttentionStream allows advertisers to monetize their top-performing social content by making it available for sponsorship. Top trending posts are identified and matched with appropriate advertisers, then appended with the advertiser’s message and targeted over the social networks to the advertisers target audience. Then a user engages with the content, the advertiser’s display ads are shown with 100% share of voice on click-through to the publisher page. After the interaction completes, the advertiser can retarget engagers with their own social ads to further the brand experience.

The publisher immediately recognized how AttentionStream could provide new inventory and incremental revenue while giving their advertisers access to their vast social footprint.

With the exception of native/branded placements, AttentionStream is the only social inventory offered by this publisher. AttentionStream uses editorial content, making it a much easier and cost effective solution than custom native solutions and as such, accesible to more of their advertisers.


In only 9 months of offering AttentionStream, the publisher generated over $2 million in revenue that previously wasn’t available to them, in addiction to capturing nearly 100 million AttentionStream impressions.

The publisher initially offered only Facebook inventory but has now opened up their Instagram content to their advertisers based on the program’s success.

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