The social and innovation team at Refinery29 knew they needed a tool to keep them better organized and working more efficiently. With social stakeholders across the globe, contributing to 10+ Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages/accounts, they needed a solution to help them as they scaled. The social contributors, including editorial, social, branded experiences, syndication and video teams, strive to give their quality content additional life on social, promote the brand and drive traffic to their site but also use social to connect with their following and create open conversation on the social platforms natively.

“SocialFlow makes working together so much easier.”
– Liat Kornowski, Director of Social Strategy and Innovation, Refinery 29

Refinery29 social metrics


SocialFlow serves as one centralized platform that has helped with collaboration and knowledge sharing. Though some team members were skeptical of implementing a new tool – the onboarding process was smooth and the team quickly realized the value of working with SocialFlow. Since implementing SocialFlow, the team is working more efficiently, with more transparency.

There are several features that have become favorites for the Refinery29 team:

Calendar View shows all the social media posts published in a given time period. With different editors and authors posting content, the calendar view is a snapshot that Refinery29 uses to keep track of content and identifies top-performing content which other teams should be aware of for cross-posting or recycling.

Refinery29 has seen a lot of value in being able to easily recycle top-performing content. By reposting content, Refinery29 gets more use out of content that they know will engage users. They may recycle content that was popular during the week, over the weekend – looking to share it with fans/followers who missed it the first time around. The team also takes top-performing content from one edition, optimizes and repackages it based on audience insights, then shares it from other editions.

Additionally, they take advantage of advanced publishing features when they recycle by using organic targeting, then save the audience groups to make it easier to reach that target group in the future.

Using SocialFlow’s proprietary optimization functionality, Refinery29 has seen a 600% increase in referral traffic on one of its Facebook pages. The optimize feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically post content at the right time when more fans/followers are likely to be engaged with the topic of the post.


Through SocialFlow, Refinery29 now has a more efficient social posting mechanism. With more access to insights and results, all Refinery29 social contributors are better able to identify top-performing content across all social output and can better understand what best resonates with their users and learn from that. Team members who were initially skeptical quickly saw the benefits of posting through SocialFlow and now say they can’t imagine life without it!

The efficiencies gained by using SocialFlow freed up the team to do some larger experiments. Using insights easily accessed in the SocialFlow platform, the Refinery29 team was able to test different posting cadences to define their “sweet spot” for how often to post their social page.