SourceMedia social properties

SourceMedia has 20 B2B titles across eight verticals. Each title is tasked with using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to grow their readership, SEO authority, and brand equity – to service their existing readers/subscribers and to surface their content to people in their purview but should be. With desperate editorial teams, each title was creating their own social strategy with little insight, transparency or plan to scale.

In 2013, they realized they needed to streamline their social processes to optimize process and social workflow. The goal was to build communities of social accounts, grow their footprint and properly support their editorial efforts.


After vetting other platforms, SourceMedia chose SocialFlow’s unique technology tailored specifically to a newsroom. Adopting SocialFlow across the organization immediately helped SourceMedia better aggregate and understand their social performance data, adopt best practices and standardized training. The permission levels built into the SocialFlow platform were particularly helpful to ensure security and role management across SourceMedia’s 60+ social handles while allowing cross-posting to all of their titles.

Additionally, working with SocialFlow has created workflow efficiencies and has given the newsroom the ability to save a tremendous amount of their time.

Across their titles, SourceMedia has over 100 employees who use the SocialFlow platform on a regular basis. The features and overall usability quickly won over the newsroom staff. Each have their own favorite features and wats to distribute and analyze their content.


Since implementing SocialFlow within SourceMedia organization, social audiences are up across all networks. After seeing initial gains on Twitter and Facebook for each title, SourceMedia has since added LinkedIn and has seen continued success.

“Since we have implemented SocialFlow, our social activity is consistently trending upward in a number of organic posts, interactions, and referral traffic. In fact, we have grown our organic social referral traffic about 300% and see regular incremental gains month over month.”

SourceMedia Social Metrics