TRESemmé was interested in reaching their target audience – women, 18-35 in the US, with interest in beauty and hair – on social media with impactful, engaging messages. The haircare manufacturer’s ultimate objective was to capture user attention of social with the goal of increasing the brand’s share of voice.


Condé Nast‘s Social Accelerator program powered by SocialFlow allowed TRESemmé to sponsor top performing content on Glamour, on social and mobile, where their audience spends their time.

The Social Accelerator program identifies top trending stories within minutes of being published on social, giving brands the ability to sponsor hose same stories in real time. Users see the TRESemmé brand on Glamour’s post and when they click through to the full article, the brand has 100% share of voice on the story’s landing page as well.

TRESemmé accelerator program


The brand was featured on seven pieces of high-performing Glamour content.

The campaign garnered over 159k engagements, on 2.7m impressions for an overall CTR of 4.57%

TRESemmé social metrics

When comparing share of voice in the beauty & health category that TRESemmé had in the group of campaign engagers for the two weeks prior to the campaign start date, to the two weeks after the campaign, TRESemmé increased share of voice by 100% (from 0% to 1%). Additionally, the brand lift index came in at 129, for a 29% increase over index averages.

TRESemmé share of voice