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Director, Communications

Board of Directors

Jim Anderson


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Rudina Seseri

Partner, Fairhaven Capital

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Independent Director

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Mimo Ousseimi

Founder, Gefinor Capital

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08/11/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson joins News Nation: The Donlon Report, to comment on YouTube’s suspension on Sen. Rand Paul’s account for spreading COVID-19 mask misinformation. Jim explains how social media platforms will not tolerate content being shared which goes against CDC guidance, including masks and vaccine falsities. Amid the rise in misinformation online, Jim explains that platforms like YouTube are establishing their standards to avoid any nuances related to topics pertaining the general safety of the public. He relates that there’s a difference between stating factual statement versus an opinion. “It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t believe vaccine or mask mandates are required’ and it’s also quite another thing to say, ‘Vaccines and masks don’t work.'”

Bloomberg Quicktake

07/28/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, appeared on Bloomberg Quicktake to discuss the ongoing spread of misinformation about COVID-19 on social media. Jim explains how every platform with an audience has to deal with misinformation. It is an issue which we tend to associate more with Facebook or YouTube, because those are the biggest companies–each being worth more than a trillion dollars. But every platform with an audience has to deal with misinformation: Twitter, Snap, TikTok, even Pinterest. And the scale of the challenge is enormous. He says, “If we think of misinformation as weeds in a garden, the task is a bit like trying to weed all the corn fields in Iowa—with one person and a garden hoe. (Good luck with that.)”

The massive spread of misinformation online is also tried with financial motivations. A common practice after building an audience, is to monetize it, and vaccine skeptics use this strategy to their advantage. Whether it is through newsletters, selling books, profiting from affiliate deals for merchandise…“Misinformation for profit is, regrettably, a big business.”

Overall, the questions that people are raising about vaccine skepticism are legitimate. However, we must be careful how we define ‘misinformation’, and how we draw conclusions from the information available online.

Fox Business

07/21/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, joined Fox Business to discuss Netflix’s decision to expand into Gaming. There are still questions about whether or not Netflix will be successful in this new venture, however, Jim explains that “It’s the right strategy. They need to start thinking about adjacencies. The bundle is a huge advantage.” He also points out that Netflix does not need the best gaming service, but the most convenient. That way they would be able to reduce subscriber departures as well as up scaling their prices. “That’s the path to success of a bundle.”


07/16/2021 – Over the past months, former U.S President Donald Trump has struggled to stay relevant in the media. Earlier in July, he sued the all the major social media platforms for constraining his right to free speech. Social media conversations and mentions about Trump dropped about 90% from January to May 2021 according to SociaFlow CEO, Jim Anderson. He says that “I think he’s now realizing how much he did lose in losing that audience, and it’s a big deal.”


07/08/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson joins NewsNation: The Donlon Report, to give an insight on Donald Trump’s decision to sue Twitter, Facebook and Google alleging ‘censorship’. Jim explains how this class-action lawsuit is more of an effort from Trump to stay relevant in the media, as well as an effort to raise money, rather than to win his case. His argument is one that has been brought to court before, and failed. This time around, whether the president wins or loses his case is irrelevant, as long as he stays in the public eye.

SocialFlow has generated their ‘Trump Index’, a metric used to measure his relevance in social media. The data shows that when he was president, he had many ways to stay relevant, but now that he has left office, those numbers have dropped. Jim explains, “We’ve also been able to observe that even when he gets a little bit of attention, he’s not able to grasp it for long.”

Bloomberg Radio

06/29/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, joins Bloomberg Radio to discuss today’s big win for Facebook over a court ruling dismissing two monopoly lawsuits filed by the U.S. government and a coalition of states that sought to break up the company. However, Jim explains how this decision does not mean Facebook is in the clear from more public scrutiny from other jurisdictions, whether it be the E.U or the U.S Congress again in the future.
“Facebook is a consumer attention company. What they have done arguably better than anybody else is for 2.5 billion people around the world, is create a habit of them coming back every single day. They have also learned how to monetize that attention” he explains, and this is one reason why Facebook now ranks at the same level as other big tech companies like Apple or Google. For now, although it seems like some companies handle the problem of mass miss-information better than Facebook has in the past, in reality no one has been capable enough yet.

Bloomberg Radio

06/10/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, joined in conversation with Bloomberg Radio to discuss the Biden administration’s decision to revoke the Trump-era bans on TikTok and WeChat, and what it signifies for U.S-China relations.

He points out that TikTok has a competitive edge in the market, especially with its popularity amongst the younger generation. The future of TikTok will depend on if the Chinese government will want to “harvest the economic value or use it to make a political point.” Jim states.
As for now, the existence of a huge Chinese company owing large amounts of U.S data will continue to influence conversations about anti-trust and privacy issues.

Al Jazeera

06/05/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, appeared on Al Jazeera to comment about today’s G7 decision on a global tax reform of at least 15 percent to discourage multinational companies- especially tech giants, from tax evasion.

Jim poses that this significant event can have an unexpected benefit for tech companies. He explains, “I think this agreement actually could be good for big tech companies. You might not think so—because companies certainly don’t want to pay more taxes. But what most concerns these companies are not taxation, but anti-trust. And anti-trust scrutiny tends to decline as tax revenue from a company grows.”

As the new tax reform unfolds, he explains that big tech platforms may privately acknowledge that they have not been paying their fair share, and perhaps should begin doing so before they risk political backlash when stories come out about how little they pay in taxes.

Overall, the new global tax deal is one piece of a larger puzzle: “Taxation. Anti-trust. Privacy. They’re all inter-connected, and they’re all global issues. We can call this one a win for the G7 governments. But it’s certainly not the end of the story.”

Bloomberg Quicktake

06/04/2021 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson, appeared on Bloomberg Quicktake to provide commentary on Facebook’s official ruling announcement in response to the Oversight Board’s decision to ban Donald Trump for two years. The decision to ban Trump has been affirmed today to avoid imminent controversy, the question now is if Facebook will reconsider providing the former U.S president access to his accounts in the future, which will depend on how important Trump is for their business. Facebook stated they will only reinstate him if the risk to public safety has receded.

As for the Oversight Board, it appears to have provided Facebook protection from controversy. In the future we can expect to see a similar use of an independent oversight model by other social networks to deal with highly sensitive issues.

News Nation

06/04/2021 – SocialFlow CEO, Jim Anderson, joins NewsNation’s, The Donlon Report to provide commentary on Facebook’s ruling to suspend former president, Donald Trump, for two years for his violations of the platform’s terms of services. Following the failure of his blog page, the world will be paying attention to Trump’s next strategy. Jim explains that “It’s harder than it looks to get a functioning social network and build an audience.” It will be extremely difficult for him to regain the same following he used to have before the ban.

Also, with the rumors he might be moving to a new social network and asking for a large upfront payment, he might need to consider whether he wants to keep the payment, or the audience attention. “What he was able to get with Twitter and Facebook was effectively ‘free reach’ – he wasn’t being paid, but he had enormous reach there.” And the evidence shows he will not be able to replicate the amount of reach again.

News Nation

05/05/2021 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joins NewsNation’s The Donlon Report to provide commentary on today’s decision by the oversight board to uphold former President Donald Trump’s Facebook ban. Jim posits that the oversight board “aced their first big test,” by making a considered judgment, and forcing Facebook to create standards.

Al Jazeera

05/05/2021 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson appeared on Al Jazeera America to analyze today’s decision to uphold the Facebook suspension of former president Donald Trump. Jim argues that the oversight board, the ruling committee, passed its first big test with this decision. While they upheld the ban, they ruled that Facebook must clarify terms around the ban and cannot leave it as an “indefinite ban.”

Bloomberg Quicktake

05/05/2021 – Jim Anderson, SocialFlow CEO appeared on Bloomberg Quicktake to discuss today’s ruling by an oversight board to uphold Facebook’s ban of former president Donald Trump. This ruling brings section 230 back into the spotlight, but Jim posits that revoking section 230 would only make the problem of censorship even worse, as it would take protections away from the platforms, forcing them to more actively moderate content.

Bloomberg Radio

05/05/2021 – Jim Anderson, CEO of SocialFlow, joins Bloomberg Radio hosts KaileyLeinz and Matt Miller to discuss the decision to uphold Donald Trump’s suspension from Facebook. Jim posits that the oversight board served former President Trump a significant defeat with their decision. The board reported that Trump created “a serious risk of violence was possible,” but also kicked the decision back to Facebook to clarify the terms of the former president’s ban.

News Nation

04/08/2021 –


03/22/2021 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joins WGN’s Joe Donlon on the Donlon Report to discuss the good, bad and ugly of social media. The NCAA basketball tournaments have highlighted the highs– women’s players using social media to broadcast the inequity of facilities on social media which garnered the right attention to resolve the issue– and the lows– an Ohio State player received death threats after losing their first-round game.


Al Jazeera

02/23/2021 – On the heels of the news that Facebook and Australia had reached an agreement on the terms of sharing news on the social network, SocialFlow CEO joined Al Jazeera to give some commentary.

Jim posited that both parties had something to lose and that is why they continued to negotiate after the initial government decision followed by Facebook’s decision to pull all news content.

Facebook will negotiate payment terms directly with media companies, as Google will do as well.


02/23/2021 – Joining Cheddar’s Baker Machado on “Between the Bells,” SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson discusses the new deal that Facebook and Australia struck to allow news content on the social platform. Facebook had banned all news content for the past few days as the Australian government looked to force tech companies to pay news publishers for their content.