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Producing premium content has never been more important. But the challenge of distributing that content has never been greater.

People must see your content for it to matter. Subscribers must be reminded why your product is not free.

We exist for one reason: to help publishers extract more revenue from content they’ve already produced. We develop world-class software that helps level the playing field.

Social networks are not your friends, but neither are they your enemy. We understand the unique challenges of social platforms because we’ve been solving for them every day for the past decade.

No more pivots. Just plain talk and technology solutions that support your business. And just in the nick of time.

SocialFlow: We Make Content Connect

Executive Team

Jim Anderson

Chief Executive Officer

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Guru Hathwar

Chief Product Officer

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Michann Thompson

Chief Financial Officer

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Joe Papperello

Chief Technology Officer


Stephanie Fossan

SVP, Strategy

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Craig Pentland

SVP, Client Services

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John Lenehan

Director, UI/UX


Maura Dailey Verdelli

VP, Marketing

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Shannon Smith

SVP, Sales

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Full Team

Alexis Bogobowicz

Digital Marketing Manager

Amy Briggs

Director, Business Operations

Jim Chadwick

Senior Campaign Strategist

Jason Chang

Director, Client Services

Yuval Cydulkin

Reporting Engineer

Rob Haddad

Senior Director, Strategic Accounts

Kathrina Kotcharians

Director, Quality Assurance 

John Lenehan

Director, UI/UX

AnnMary Mathew

Software Engineer

Edgar Peña

Director, Support

John Sidoti

Client Support

Brandon Simes

Senior Director, Paid Social

Megan Smith

Senior Director, Client Services

Alex Taylor

Director, Paid Social

Mark White

Director, Communications

Board of Directors

Jim Anderson


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Rudina Seseri

Partner, Fairhaven Capital

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Sarah Fay

Independent Director

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Mimo Ousseimi

Founder, Gefinor Capital

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In The Media

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Bloomberg Radio

06/22/2020 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joined Bloomberg Radio today to talk about the role of Tik Tok at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, OK over the weekend. The rally drew far fewer people than expected and the prevailing explanation for the low turnout is a viral strategy used by Gen Z Tik Tok users to reserve tickets as a form of activism. While there is no hard data to support this theory, it does show the power a platform like Tik Tok can harness and highlights the emerging power of the young generation.


06/17/2020 – It was announced today that the Department of Justice has proposed plans to rollback legacy protections of online social. If enacted, social platforms could be held liable for content on their platforms. SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson appeared on Cheddar to give some context.

Al Jazeera

05/28/2020 – Al Jazeera’s “Inside Story” takes an in-depth look at US President Donald Trump’s decision to levy an executive order aimed at taking away legacy protections from social platforms. His panel discusses the political points of view that have gotten us to this point.

The panel includes:

  • Jim Anderson – chief executive of SocialFlow, technology firm dealing with social media content for companies
  • Adolfo Franco – Republican strategist and former adviser to US Senator John McCain
  • Derrick Plummer – Democratic strategist and former regional press secretary for the Democratic National Committee

Fox Business

05/28/2020 – On the heels of the news that President Trump may sign an executive order today to that will limit the power of social media platforms and remove legacy protections, SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson appeared on Fox Business News. Anderson and “Varney & Company” host Stuart Varney discussed the ramifications of such an order. They also explored the different tactics used by Facebook and Twitter to address fact-checking user content.


Bloomberg Radio

05/27/2020 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joined Bloomberg Markets on Bloomberg Radio to discuss Twitter’s recent move to add fact check labels to some of President Trump’s tweets. Anderson and hosts Lisa Abramowicz and Paul Sweeney talk about the implications and intricacies of this decision for Twitter and other social media platforms.


Fox Business

05/21/2020 – Facebook shares have hit an all-time high. SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joined Stuart Varney on Varney & Company on Fox Business News to discuss some recent Facebook news in the days leading up to the stock rally. Facebook announced the launch of “Shops,” an online shopping feature. By expanding into e-commerce, and coupled with Libra, Facebook’s cryptocurrency product, Facebook could become more of a threat to Amazon as well as credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard. Also announced this week, Facebook acquired Giphy for $400 Million. This announcement raised bipartisan criticism, which shows that the antitrust concerns of the government are still lingering.


Fox Business

04/29/2020 – SocialFlow’s Jim Anderson joins Varney & Company (Fox Business News) in advance of Facebook’s earnings announcement. Jim posits that tech titans are really well-positioned to weather the economic storm. While there are advertising revenue concerns due to the pandemic, most of the economic impact hit at the very end of Q1. Q2 results may be more impacted than Q1.



02/18/2020 – SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson joined Cheddar’s Kristen Scholer and Tim Stenovac to talk about Facebook and the EU. Zuckerberg’s visit to the EU was the latest stop on his apology and listening tour. He is apologizing for mistakes, listening to criticism and inviting continued discussion. While Zuckerberg seems to be asking for regulation, some regulators aren’t responding well to his hands-off approach.These talks are a tightrope for both parties as tech companies could choose to walk away from jurisdictions rather than kowtow to rigid rules that makes it harder for them to run their business.

Fox Business

02/19/2020 – This week President Donald Trump broke his own record for the number of times he tweeted in a single day with 141. SocialFlow CEO and Fox Business host Stuart Varney talk about the value and reach of his tweets. While the president has over 72 million Twitter followers, not all followers see every tweet. However, his reach is strongly amplified by the millions of retweets and shares his comments garner. Anderson likens the attention and audience received from Twitter to the President running his own media company.

Jim and Stuart also forecast Facebook’s upcoming earnings report. With the last six earning reports being deemed successful, it is likely that this quarter’s results will follow suit. With more than 2 billion active users, nearly 1/3rd of the world’s population are Facebook users.


Fox News Digital

01/08/2020 – The most valuable real estate in the world is not in New York City, Hong Kong or Tokyo. It’s actually the screen of your mobile device…We all spend a lot of time on our devices. There are companies making fortunes and there are governments spending time trying to understand, how do I get that attention harnessed? How do I get people to read, consume, understand, and react?

The internet and social media have become breeding ground for propaganda and disinformation campaigns. SocialFlow CEO Jim Anderson gives some background on why these platforms work so well to harness people’s extreme emotional reactions and how users can be more cautious when scrolling and sharing.

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