Automated categorization has been on every publishers’ wish list. We’ve always provided SocialFlow labels, but that requires the editorial users to tag content manually.

We’re pleased to announce we’ve fully automated content categorization! The SocialFlow classifier is a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) system which automates editorial content  categorization. We are currently classifying posts according to IAB Standard (Tier-1 / Summary) but can work with our larger TV, Media, and News clients to map back to their custom categories. Classifications allow for easy inventory management when matching high performing posts to sponsorship opportunities to run as an AttentionStream unit.

Sanders, named after Charles Sanders Pierce – the founder of Semiotics, as well as “Colonel” Harlan Sanders because of my love of friend chicken, works by classifying items for our publishers, based on their content. This saves a lot of work on the part of our clients by classifying the content properly, but also allows the content to be matched and monetized by coordinating the way it is categorized with the way it is sold.

Humans can spend a lot of time and energy doing this – but they’re much better at doing higher-order things like strategy and planning. Once Sanders is taught how to classify content according to the requirements of an organization, it frees up people to help reach more and newer business opportunities. It’s accurate to think of Sanders as a very diligent intern who never takes any time off, and is there working at all hours. Adding this technology into your operation can help create economic opportunities that were previously too much work or too expensive, and that’s why we’re proud to be offering this to our customers – to help them focus on creating the best content and packaging that content up in a way that makes profitable sense.