We dug into our data to understand the impact on COVID-19 and corresponding quarantine orders on content powered through SocialFlow.  Although we have publisher clients across the globe, the highest concentration of our users are in the US—so you’ll see the timing of the upticks we saw correspond mostly with when the pandemic hit stateside.

We looked at clicks on SocialFlow content from February 1, 2020, through April 12, 2020.  Looking at the chart, you can see that clicks started to pick up the week of 3/9 (for this analysis, we used a Monday-Sunday week).  The purple dotted line represents the average number of weekly clicks pre-COVID.  So, you can from the week of 3/2 to the week of 3/9, clicks went from below average then jumped way up. To give you some context, here were some of the top stories the week of 3/9:

  • Fauci Says “Avoid Crowds”
  • Italy Extends Restrictions to Entire Country
  • New York Limited “Containment Area”
  • Trump Suspends EU Travel
  • Trump Declares State of Emergency

As evidence by these numbers, this is when things in the US were starting to heat up.

The next week (3/16-3/22), interest in publisher content hit its peak.  March 18-20 (Wed/Thurs/Fri) were the highest data points in this set—the days with the most interest in publisher content.  During these days, the big stories were:

  • US stock market plummeting
  • US Stimulus Bill, with the Senate approving the Stimulus Package on 3/21.

The week of 3/16 was +44% over the pre-COVID weekly average and the peak day that week was +59% above the pre-COVID daily average.

But, as the pandemic lingers on, clicks and subscription numbers are beginning to wane from those peak levels as readers start to again consume your standard content. The numbers are still above average but are headed back down. Increasing consumption of ALL of your content will be critical to retaining new readers that engaged primarily for COVID content.