Bankrate is a leading publisher, aggregator, and distributor of personal finance content on the internet. Bankrate provides proprietary, fully researched, comprehensive independent, and objective personal finance content.


Bankrate uses social media for brand discovery, audience acquisition, and increasing engagement to monetize social media traffic through ad-based platforms, while also serving members of the social community – enabling people to improve their lives by empowering them with information and tools to make informed financial decisions.


Externally, a primary challenge is to identify content that resonates with social media users, driving engagement and traffic to Internally, the challenge is building social intergration to better understand the audience and site visitors to provde a more personalized experience, allowing for higher levels of engagment to drive traffic.


Bankrate began using SocialFlow’s labeling capability to understand what topics are resonating with audiences on different social networks while increasing traffic and engagement. Social media data is now a part of the editorial process – providing content ideas and a critical input to the traditional editorial model. Social data is now also integrated into other business and departmental goals including sales.


Engagment and Brand Awareness Growth (over 7 months)

  • 55% increase in clicks per Facebook post
  • 29% increase in clicks per LinkedIn post
  • 91% increase in retweets per tweet
  • 125% increase in shares per Facebook post
  • 44% increase in likes per Facebook post
  • 1481% increase in likes per LinkedIn post
  • 120% increase in mentions per tweet

    Content Suggestions

  • SocialFlow provides post-level metrics, allowing Bankrate to compare the apples-to-apples performance of social posts that cover different topics, regardless of the posting frequency of a topic. This helps the team focus on the most engaging content themes.

    Identifying Social Media’s Value

  • For financial publisher Bankrate, the ability to demonstrate that on-brand, personal finance themes resonate with and foster engagement with their social media audiences has been a huge win for the social team.

    Tweet Chats and Scholarships

  • SocialFlow’s optimization also allows Bankrate to better promote campaigns sucha as the #FutureSelfie scholarship.