UPDATE (11/01/18): Facebook has announced that they are expanding the Breaking News program– both adding approved publishers and rolling out in more countries. SocialFlow clients who participate in the program can easily post their breaking news content directly from the SocialFlow platform (scroll down to learn how).

In addition to the US and Canada, which were both included in the original test, Facebook will now show content flagged as breaking news in Australia, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, and the UK.  They are continuing to test this feature in additional markets, so stay tuned as more countries will likely be added in the future.

The test currently includes more than 100 news publishers from North America, Latin America, Europe, India and Australia and allows them to identify and label stories as “breaking news” on Facebook.

Read the Facebook announcement here.  

Keep reading to learn more about the program and how you can post breaking news content right from SocialFlow.


(07/19/18) Facebook recently launched a new initiative to highlight posts as “Breaking News” for a select group of news publishers* – and now whitelisted SocialFlow clients can mark their content as breaking from within the SocialFlow platform. This feature will draw attention to breaking news on Facebook to help get important information to people when it matters most. This is an early test by Facebook through the Facebook Journalism Project and SocialFlow is excited to be an early partner in this project.

Now, approved publishers can flag content published via SocialFlow for the “Breaking News” treatment instead of having to publish natively to activate the indicator.  Breaking news stories will be identified as such (see image above) and Facebook reports advantageous engagement metrics for content identified as breaking.

There are a few key requirements and notes for how the feature can be used, including:

  • Only SocialFlow user admin (view/publish/settings/users) or those with admin rights (view/publish/settings) will have access to publish Breaking News.
  • Your domain must be verified on Facebook (and whitelisted in SocialFlow)
  • Facebook only allows link posts and live videos to be highlighted as “Breaking News.” Since SocialFlow cannot support live videos at this time, it will only be available for link posts.
  • The “Breaking News” identifier will only highlight a post for a duration of time which you can determine. The minimum is 30 minutes, maximum is 6 hours. After which, the highlight will be removed but the post will remain.
  • You can use the indicator once a day, with an extra pool of 5 indicators per month.

*Rollout out of this feature will only be available on the platform to start, but we will update our mobile app next.

Once your account has been enabled to use the Breaking News Indicator, it will show up as an option in the compose box under any Facebook page that has been approved. When toggled on, the Indicator will be shown in red (see image below).

**At this time, Facebook Breaking News Indicator is a closed beta.**

**Stay tuned for updates or contact your SocialFlow client services rep if you have any questions.**

Need Help?
Please let us know if you have any questions about this process. You can contact your client services rep at SocialFlow, email us at support@socialflow.com, or visit our Support Center. You can also find Facebook’s original announcement of this feature, here.