Facebook is improving improving their interest targeting capabilities by simplifying the organic targeting options and process. The new improved targeting is called Audience Optimization. To support these changes, SocialFlow is changing the way Facebook organic targeting is accessed and configured.

There will now only be one icon in compose which users can use to access Facebook targeting.

FB targeting blog post01

The targeting options will now be in a tab called Preferred Audience, where you can tag your target audience by interest in a way that is less restrictive than it was previously. People with interests you select are “more likely” to see the post but the post will not be restricted exclusively to people with targeted interests (as was the previous behavior).

FB targeting blog post02

Education, Relationship status, and ‘Interested in’ have also been removed by Facebook and therefore from our interface. These targeting types can be done more effectively using options in Interest targeting.

Restrictive targeting will be available through the Audience Restrictions tab. When these restrictions are selected, only people in your audience who have these characteristics will see your post and no one else.

FB targeting blog post03