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We have updated information regarding this issue.  Read on for a summary of the issues including updates we have made for better performance.

 Some clients are experiencing a Facebook scraping bug that is impacting the automatic population of posts’ metadata like title/photos/links. Facebook is aware of the issue and we are working with them to help resolve the issue.  If you are experiencing this issue, you can view the existing Facebook bug reports (1, 2). We encourage you to subscribe to the bug reports to help Facebook see the scope of the issue and to stay apprised of Facebook’s solution.

While Facebook resolves the bug on their end, we are building smarter logic to help lessen the impact on our customers. As we are adding this new logic, some clients may experience posting delays. We are actively working to alleviate slowness on our platform as soon as possible, while also providing workarounds for clients impacted by the Facebook bug.

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Are you experiencing problems with your posts' metadata? Subscribe to Facebook ticket.