As you may already know, there has been an ongoing Facebook issue with posts appearing without metadata (for ex. title, description, thumbnail). The issue has been lingering for quite some time now, but we saw an alarming increase in affected posts at the beginning of February, 2021.


While we wait for an official solution from Facebook, our tech teams have been working to create solutions/workarounds on our end to reduce the impact on our customers. 

We initially processed metadata by sending Facebook an API request to scrape a URL at the time of publishing: 

As the issue persisted, we noticed that this endpoint frequently returned errors and that a single request of this endpoint was insufficient. We tested several workarounds to alleviate the error, including retries (or making additional requests of the endpoint). We tried varying the number of retries, and how far apart these retries were spaced out. 

The additional retries were causing some delay in posts actually publishing. We have since built a new way to handle these scrape requests as soon as a post enters our system, instead of making these requests at publish time as we did originally. This allows us to retry the Facebook endpoint as many times as necessary while still publishing posts without delay.


We filed multiple tickets with Facebook, which are still in limbo: 

  • There is a second bug report that we’ve filed marked confidential that is currently listed as ‘assigned’ in Facebook’s bugtracker that is being looked into by Facebook’s engineering team. 

If you are experiencing issues associated with this bug, it is imperative that you flag with Facebook– either via your Facebook rep, or by entering your own bug report or by following and contributing to the bug report listed above.  Please also email with any link to content with missing metadata so we can troubleshoot in our system and advocate for you with Facebook. 


We have data available on our support site about the issues/errors that we are seeing in our system.   

We will continue to monitor this issue and will keep our clients up to date.