In addition to rolling out new features, our team continues to roll out feature upgrades.  Feature upgrades add/improve upon existing functionality to ensure optimal usability of the SocialFlow platform.  

Here is a run-down of the latest upgrades: 

LinkedIn Reauthorization

Bulk reauthorization is now available for LinkedIn accounts.  Now you can reauthorize multiple LinkedIn Accounts in one step. 

Find it here: Settings > Application > Social Accounts

Managing Labels

We have added the option to manage labels from the Messages and the Single Message Report.  You’ll see a button on the messages page and icons on the single message report. From here, managing labels will function exactly as it does on Compose, publish and calendar pages. In both instances, the button will be purple if there are labels on the specific post and grayed out if there are no labels currently applied.

Additional Filtering in Calendar View

We’ve added an additional available filter in the Calendar View. Previously, you were able to filter by post types—posts with links, images, and videos.  We’ve now added text-only posts to the filter list to help you more quickly find the content you are looking for.