Social media security is an increasingly important consideration for companies. Make sure to enable the two-factor authentication to remain secure, here’s how:

Using SocialFlow’s 2-Factor Authentication

Before attempting to do the following steps it is critical that you ensure that the time on your phone is set to the correct time. Two-factor authentication requires two things to be successful:  a pin, and a timestamp.  If the time on your phone does not match up with the real-time (ex: you set your phone ahead 10 minutes to wake up on time each morning) you will not be able to set up two-factor authentication successfully.

There are two ways that you can confirm your identity when signing in to SocialFlow. You can either use the Google Authenticator app that will give you a unique 6 digit code to verify your log-in. Or, you can have a code sent to your phone via text message to enter during sign-in. Read on for instructions on how to set up both methods.

Pro Tip: Client Admins can turn on 2-Factor for their entire teams, or individual users can activate the security measure for themselves.  

Option 1: Google Authenticator App

First, log into SocialFlow and head to your settings page.

On this page find the option for “2 -Step Verification with Mobile App” and click Enable.

Enter your password and you will be brought to this prompt. Follow all instructions on this prompt- downloading and connecting the Google Authenticator app then confirming your identity,  and click “Verify and Enable”

You’ll then be given a set of backup codes.  Print these out and keep them in a safe place.  These are used when you forget your phone and need to log into the platform.

Option 2: Text Code

Navigate to the settings page and choose ‘2-Step Verification with Mobile App.’  Skip ‘One-Time Setup’ steps and instead click the purple link at the bottom of the box that says ‘Text my code to my number.’  Then, verify your identity by entering the numeric code sent via SMS to enable 2-factor for your account.  Once set-up, you will see an option at sign-in to have a code sent, simply click that to have a code sent to complete your sign-in.

Need Help?
Please let us know if you have any questions about this process. You can contact your client services rep at SocialFlow or email us at