SocialFlow’s Listen Section goes far beyond audience insights and engagement metrics on Facebook and Twitter. SocialFlow’s Listen Section strategically organizes your social media content published on Facebook and Twitter and facilitates the process of joining online conversations in a natural and effective way.

Within the Listen Section, SocialFlow users can immediately see the percentage of their Facebook and Twitter audiences who are active online. Even for companies with millions of followers, our data show that in general, fewer than 5% are active at any given time, which is why optimizing the delivery of your content is so important!

Users can also see trending topics among their audience. SocialFlow’s technology is built to allow users to capitalize on real-time conversational data, and in the listen section, trending data can help you join the flow of conversation and engage with social audiences.

The listen section displays Twitter content in separate columns displaying important data from Twitter such as Retweets, Mentions, Custom Searches for particular users, content or hashtags and the Twitter LiveStream. To get the most out of the Twitter listening section, use the following advanced search operators in the manage columns tab to create custom columns.

“breaking news” filter:linkstweets containing the exact phrase “breaking news” with links to URLs

search term result
social media tweets containing both terms “social” and “media”
“social media” tweets containing the exact phrase “social media”
social or media tweets containing either “social” or “media” or both
social -media tweets containing “social” but not “media”
#socialmedia tweets containing the hashtag “socialmedia”
from:SocialFlow tweets sent from the handle “SocialFlow”
to:SocialFlow tweets sent to the handle “SocialFlow”
@SocialFlow tweets referencing handle “SocialFlow”
social since:2010-12-27 tweets containing the term “social” and sent since the date “2010-12-27” (year-month-day)
social until:2010-12-27 tweets containing the term “social” and sent up to the date “2010-12-27” (year-month-day)
dogs -cats 🙂 tweets containing the term “dogs” but not “cats” and with a positive attitude
dogs 🙁 tweets containing the term “dogs” and with a negative attitude
weather ? tweets containing the term “weather” and asking a question