After months of messaging about the “healthy use of social media,” Instagram is starting to test the idea of removing “Like” counts from posts in the U.S. They’ve not said how broad the test will be, but in previous tests we’ve numbers in the range of 1% of total users–so if this test follows that you are very unlikely to notice any change.

A few notes based on what Instagram has publicly disclosed:

  • This only affects Like counts for individual posts, not for Pages. So if you are a publisher with an Instagram brand Page with millions of followers, this change should not affect users’ ability to see your Page’s follower count.
  • When the Like counts are suppressed for posts, you as the post creator and owner will still be able to see the counts–they just won’t necessarily be visible to users in their feeds. This is an important distinction, and will still allow you to measure and monitor the success of your posts.


We’ll see whether this type of testing happens in the Facebook application, or with other platforms such as Twitter. Regardless, the impact on high-volume publishers would appear to be minimal.

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