Big news today from SocialFlow — our new Optimized Publisher™ is ready for brands, publishers and business of all sizes!

As you might know if you’ve been checking in with us regularly, the SocialFlow team has been working hard over the past year and a half to bring powerful publishing optimization technology to the likes of  the Economist, Buzzfeed, the New York Public Library, Pepsi and Human Rights Watch. The feedback — and stunning growth — of our beta clients has been invaluable in building the Optimized Publisher™ that you can try today.

Our research and development team has also been busy studying the social networks at scale and delivering research studies that have made headlines around the world on everything from the Tweet that broke the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, to the way earthquakes make seismic ripples on the social web to the differing characteristics of engaged audiences of news organizations.

It’s all about understanding audiences and language — and the way they intersect and can have powerful predictive value for those who want to make major impact on Twitter and Facebook.

For the very first time, the Optimized Publisher™ gives you real-time insight into both language and audience, plus the power to score your content, see its value before you publish it, and leverage the right opportunities to publish when you are most likely to get clicks, shares, Retweets, mentions and follower growth.

SocialFlow’s Optimized Publisher™ uses the power of predictive analytics and technology to remove the time-consuming guesswork from social media strategies. Now brand managers and publishers can use their time to focus on creating the unique and engaging content their audiences require.

As the business value of social media has increased, so has the urgency to create intelligent tools that can respond to split-second shifts and growing audiences. Today,  for the first time, with the Optimized Publisher™, you can do just that.

Read on for more about key features, click here to sign up, or download the press release.

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Know the Value of Your Content

The SocialFlow AttentionScore™ tells you the precise value of your content on the social graph. Whether you look at the aggregate SocialFlow AttentionScore™ for your account as a whole, or on an individual message level, you’ll have an accurate, powerful tool for determining the exact resonance of your messaging.

The Optimized Publisher™

Manage all of your updates for Twitter and Facebook through SocialFlow’s powerful Optimized Publisher™. Easily bring together multiple content sources including RSS, XML or excel documents and be assured that all of your publishing is optimized to maximize clicks, conversions, likes, Retweets, shares and engagement.

Real-time Analytics
Enjoy comprehensive analytics and reporting across networks and content sources. Quickly gauge your performance on Facebook and Twitter overall, or drill down by by action (likes, comments, Retweets, etc) or content sources.


Single Message Reporting
Detailed stats are now individualized for every message you send.


Resonance Predictor
Real-time resonance predictor. Type in your message and see in an instant how well it is likely to perform.


Google Analytics
Dock in Google Analytics and optimize against your goals.


Custom Reporting
View the performances of your content, number of clicks, interactions, audience activity and much more in a streamlined, dynamic dashboard.


Custom Content Streams
You can now see your queue and live stream all in one place. Add additional columns to track keywords as needed.