When you need to make sure news continuity is uninterrupted, whether you are live-tweeting or there’s a breaking news event, you now have mobile pause publishing – an easy way to pause any accounts you have access to directly from the SocialFlow mobile app!

Introducing the Mobile Pause Publishing feature, the social media “e-brake” that pauses all scheduled posts – exclusive to SocialFlow.

This new feature lets you pause publishing to one or multiple accounts within a specific client. If you are signed up for email notifications, you will receive an email confirmation of each account paused. You can change this in ‘Settings’ when you are signed in to your SocialFlow account.

If you have one of the following permissions on your account, you have access to pause your publishing:
– read/write/settings
– read/write/settings/users
– Client admin across all accounts

How to Pause Publishing:

Access the Mobile Pause Publishing functionality via Navigation in the SocialFlow mobile app:

Hit the toggle to change the status. When toggled red, publishing is paused and when toggled green, the account is publishing. If you have groups set up in SocialFlow you can choose “Select a Group” to select a subset of accounts.

Toggle “Pause All” to pause all publishing accounts or “Restart All” to restart all paused accounts. You can also click on individual accounts to select them and then click pause selected button. As well, you can select paused accounts and hit restart selected button to start them back up.

pause publishing socialflow

Paused accounts will indicate they are paused in “Unpublished Queue” view. You can still compose messages while an account is paused however no scheduled or optimized messages will go out. However, “Publish Now” messages will go out.


Feature Update- March 2020: Client admins can now publish while queues are paused.  No other user types will be able to publish content during a pause.


Need Help?
Please also let us know if you have any questions about this new feature. You can contact your client services rep at SocialFlow or email us at support@socialflow.com.