We have some exciting updates to our Chrome Extension that we released earlier this summer. If you’ll remember, the Chrome extension helps you easily send content to SocialFlow from any web page directly. From the extension, you can share your content without having to access the SocialFlow platform. If you already have the extension installed, it will update automatically and you will notice the change.

If you don’t already have the extension installed, or it didn’t auto-update you can get it  here

Below is an overview of the new features.

  • Set Default Message Source: Users may now set the messages to draw text either from the Page Title or the Open Graph title text, see below…


  • Image Upload: Links and thumbnails may now be uploaded via Chrome Extension. Users may also upload images for image Tweets and Posts…


Regular images may not be over 3MB for all relevant platforms, and animated GIFs sent to Twitter may be up to 15MB


  • This latest version also does not count media as part of the 140 character limit for Twitter.

Here is an overview of our last Chrome Extension release.