SocialFlow recently enabled the ability to add “alt text” to Twitter images. This is currently a Twitter feature available to API partners to promote accessibility on Twitter for blind or visually impaired users who use screen readers.

It is not a required field when posting images to Twitter.

The Alt Text is not something visible on the screen in the Twitter timeline. It does, however, show up in the html code for the images posted to Twitter’s timeline. The code looks like this:

<img data-aria-label-part=”” src=”” alt=”Queen Farah” style=”height: 100%; left: -1px;”>

The text in quotes after ‘alt=’ is the text you are configuring when you fill out the ‘alt text’ field when posting an image to Twitter via SocialFlow.

Best practices surrounding alt text:

  • Make sure text describes the actual photo and is succinct
  • Alt text may be created for each individual image posted to Twitter in a 1-4 image Tweet


To configure alt text, upload a photo through Compose for Twitter –> Click Alt Text under the image –>  type the description